Clickfunnels Cost – Complete Pricing Structure of Click Funnels Builder

Clickfunnels is one of the world’s leading marketing softwares right now and they have cemented their position as one of the bests with the help of their brilliant pricing structure.

One of the key ways of attracting customers towards any kind of business is always to have a good pricing structure. A good pricing structure provides the customer with all the necessary features within the lowest possible prices and also makes sure that the customer is left with a variety of options when they are trying strike a deal with you.

Clickfunnels here offers exactly that. Clickfunnels offers various options as to what type of contract a particular customer wants to sign in and it also offers all different types of features along with as well.

Along with the different features the support that the Clickfunnels offers with the help of its pricing structure is pretty amazing. There are not many marketing softwares which can offer you such high quality features with a pricing structure.

Clickfunnels has certainly made sure that people who have endless wealth as well people who have limited means can avail their wonderful services.

Clickfunnels Pricing

First of all, it must be mentioned that the Clickfunnels will always offer you a monthly contract and absolutely nothing more than that.

Clickfunnels also offers you certain discount options. The discount options which are provided by the Clickfunnels vary from time to time. Various types of discount offers are given during an array of special occasions. Check once in a while, and if you are lucky enough you can get one of the discount offers.

Another important feature of the Clickfunnels is that they are first going to offer you with a 14 days trial period. Other marketing tools and softwares do not offer this. So, during the 14 days trial period you are going to give Clickfunnels a try and if you are satisfied then you can go for it. If you are satisfied, you are going to go for one of the monthly plans which suit you the best.

According to the monthly plan the Clickfunnels is going to formulate an annual plan for you which by using you can get up to 2 months of free Clickfunnels usage opportunity. The Clickfunnels offer you with an eBook which is worth $47 while you are checking out.

You have to be careful to notice because time and again they are going to offer you various such items while you are trying to check out.

Clickfunnel’s Landing Page Design


If you get registered in Clickfunnels you are certainly going to get your money’s worth because the land designing page that the Clickfunnels offers is simply spectacular.

Go through the official website of Clickfunnels and you shall find certain screenshots of the land designing pages of Clickfunnels.

If you go through the land designing pages you are going to understand what we are trying to tell you because the pages have got all new layouts. You will be simply excited and thrilled to have to those new layouts and you can certainly work with them in multiple ways.

Then again there’s also the high level customisation, which is also an excellent feature. Clickfunnels constantly tried to add new templates and designs to your portfolio, which you cannot find in any other marketing tool.

Besides, Clickfunnels reduces the hard work of a marketer with its various features.

Clickfunnels – The Page Editor

The Page Editor is certainly one of the most important features of the Clickfunnels. The Page Editor is entirely responsible for the conversions. The Page Editor is responsible for making the required changes when the data is being changed for modified form the split tests.

The Clickfunnels offers various custom features in its Page Editor which are pretty fun to work with.

In short when comes to Clickfunnels, its Page Editor offers you with a lot of freedom and independence to make your own changes, which is not offered by any other marketing tool.

Clickfunnels – Technical Support

Clickfunnels being an online software, the Technical Support is certainly one of the most important aspects of the mentioned marketing tool.

Since the Clickfunnels offers you with the monthly and the annual plan, the technical support constitutes an important part of those plans. You will be getting the priority when it comes to technical support of you decide to go for the Enterprise plans along with the templates request plans.

We can certainly tell you that no other marketing tool’s pricing structure offers you with such kinds of options. Clickfunnels offers an excellent e mail support, which is better than most other marketing software.

Even though the Clickfunnels does not provide with the chat support, which is provided by some other marketing tools such as Lead page, the Clickfunnel’s e mail support is quite magnificent.

Procedure To Collect Your Clickfunnel Bonuses


There are certain steps to collect your Clickfunnels bonuses. Make sure that you do collect these Clickfunnels bonuses from time to time while paying for its cost.

First, make sure that you have cleared all your cookies and caches from the web browser which you have been using for so long before you click on the options of the trial period on our website.

By doing so you can certainly start your 14 days free trail with the Clickfunnels and see for yourselves why we claim Clickfunnels to be the best marketing tool or online software that is there in the market at this moment.

We certainly hope that we were able to provide you with some of the most important information that can be provided to you regarding Clickfunnels.

Now clearly you will be in a much better position to decide as to what online marketing tool will be the best for you as a marketer.

Clickfunnels has been in the limelight as a marketing software for a long period of time and they are still going strong. We sincerely hope that this article will help you to view Clickfunnels as the best marketing software that is out there.