How To Build Clickfunnels Membership Site in Easy Steps

Clickfunnel is one of the world’s best marketing tools right now and it helps a person to sell his or her products even if that person knows nothing about coding or programming or how to create a website.

Clickfunnel is the world’s best online marketing software for creating business sales funnels that are required by a marketer very much while doing online business.

Now the question comes, what is a ‘funnel’? A ‘funnel’ is the path which is followed by a person who goes through when he or she is being presented various offers online.

When you get to a landing page, watch any of the videos, fill up your e mail id, reach the download page, send a report, get an e mail back in return with a bonus link which if you visit and finally buy another one of the product, then you have successfully passed through a ‘funnel’.

Now with the help of this amazing marketing tool or online marketing software, you can build your own Membership Site. So, let us see as to how you can build the Clickfunnel Membership Site.

Creating a Membership Funnel

First go to Clickfunnels and then you have to click on ‘Membership Funnel’ which is to be followed by ‘Create Funnel’. Once you have clicked on it, then you have to name your funnel. Name the funnel according to your own choice.

It is advisable to also give a ‘Group Tag’, because by doing so you will be easily able to organize all your files in your Membership Site. Then comes the task of choosing the template option.

Now the cool thing about Clickfunnels is that the marketing tool provides you with a variety of templates. Also the templates tend to change as time goes by. That means that if you go to Clickfunnels today you may not find the same templates which you had seen earlier this very week.

Clickfunnels keeps itself updated with completely new designs of templates. Select a template on which you want to work. If you want to change your template you can do it anytime but, then again you will lose whatever part you have edited.

Next comes the important job of making the necessary changes in your template. You are going to do this with the help of the Editor. Remember that the Editor of Clickfunnels is quite easy to use but, it has got a number of features.

The Editor is updated from time to time by Clickfunnels so that the users do not miss out on any new features. So, go through each and every page of the Editor and see if you want to use any of the page’s features on your template. Change your headline, its font and colour.

When you are completely satisfied with the changes or modifications that you have done to your template with the help of the Clickfunnel’s Editor, then you can click on the option ‘Save’ and after it is saved, you can finally close your template.

So, now finally your template is created and the basic structure, that is the funnel has been created with the help of Clickfunnels.

Working on the Membership Area

After creating your funnel through Clickfunnels, the next that you have to work on is the ‘Membership Area’. Click on the ‘Membership Area’ and then go for the ‘Add New Lesson’ option. After clicking on the ‘Add New Lesson’ option you can add the new lessons in your template.

All the new lessons will in the Membership Area and will also be displayed over there. Before adding certain lessons make sure that you name that particular lesson section. It may happen that in the near future you might want to add certain lessons of some other types.

In that case you will have to place them all in a completely different section in order to get more organised. So, make sure that you name your lessons section in a convenient fashion. Then you have also got the option as to who are the persons whom you want to give access to this lesson section.

Generally the access is given to those who have earlier bought something from you online form your Sales funnel.

Next when you want to add a lesson, make sure that you mention the name of the ‘Lesson Section’ correctly so that the lesson does not get misplaced. After that, name the lesson which you are going to add.

Next comes the most important part of this whole process of lesson addition process that is, choosing the appropriate template for your lesson. As we have stated earlier that the Clickfunnels offers you with a variety of options when it comes to templates so, make sure that you choose the right template and then edit it.

The Editor as usual presents you with a number of options when it comes to the job of editing the lesson to make the outlook of the lesson even more attractive and captivating to the eye. After making the necessary changes with the help of the Editor, make sure that you ‘Save’ the lesson.

Next comes the option of ‘Drip Delay’ (days), which means that the number of days after which you want people to get access to the lesson. If you leave the option unattended then the lesson will be available for your customers almost immediately.

So, in this manner your first lesson content will be successfully created.

Thus the two steps, that is, the creation of a Membership Funnel and the process of working on the Membership Area, complete the process of creation a Clickfunnel Membership Site.

Of course all the above discussions make the process of creating a Clickfunnel Membership Site a bit complicated and complex, but believe it when we say that the entire process will take you a maximum of seven to eight minutes, maximum.

Clickfunnels over the years has been one of the simplest and user friendly marketing tools in the entire world and if you choose to go for a Membership Site in Clickfunnel, then we can certainly say that you will be immensely benefited.