Top 2 Clickfunnels Alternatives – LeadPage and Instapage

We have clearly established in one of our articles that according to us the Clickfunnel is the best marketing tool that is present right now. But if for any reason if are unable to be a customer of the Clickfunnel or if you are unwilling to be a customer of the Clickfunnel, then are of course some other alternatives.

We want our viewers to provide with the best possible information and so we tell you that the two alternatives of Clickfunnel are the Lead Page and the Instapage. Along with Clickfunnel the Lead Page and the Instapage are the two best marketing tools that are right now present in the market.

So, we have decided to provide you with certain vital information regarding the Lead Page and the Instapage in this article.


Lead Page has been one of the leading marketing tools in the modern-day world for a long amount of time right along with Clickfunnel.

Lead Page has always been responsible for the best quality of e mail list. The e mail list is always very much important for any sort of business and if you can get one of the best marketing tools in the world to get to do it for you then surely you have got a good chance of excelling in your business.

Lead Page has been doing this for a number of years right now. One of the very few advantages that Lead Page has got over the Clickfunnel is that the Lead Page can provide its customers with chat support.

Over the years people have used mainly two ways to create their e mail list, one of them is the Landing Page and another is the pop-ups.

If you sign up with the Lead Page, then you can get access to an astounding number of 144 countries worldwide. You can get access to their templates and pop-ups which are designed by expert professionals.

Lead Page offers you a very simple editor that can be used by any person, to make the necessary changes to the templates and also to match your specifications. Lead Page has also got the amazing ability to split up your landing pages and all your pop-ups so that you are able to maximize your conversions.

All these important features certainly reduce your effort as a marketer. Remember that whatever you are going to create with the help of Lead Page is mobile responsive.

It means that it does not really matter as to what kind of screen you are using to watch your landing pages or templates or pop-ups, because they are going to look attractive on any kind of screen.

One of the most notable features of Lead Page is that despite of being one of the world’s best marketing tools which is used by many of the world’s best professional marketers, is that it is certainly very much user-friendly.

A person who does not have any sort of knowledge about creating landing pages or how to handle marketing software like Lead Page, will still be able to handle this marketing tool easily.

Even if you do not have ant design skills, still the software is going to make up for that. Just remember that you should know what you want to do. The editor and the technical support which the Lead Page provides are also quite impressive.

The editor has got different features to create your landing page and the features are constantly updated so that you get to try new things with your landing pages and pop-ups.


Instapage is also an alternative to the Clickfunnel. Over the years Instapage has been able to go toe to toe with both the Clickfunnel and the Lead Page pretty successfully.

Instapage makes it exceptionally easy for a user to create a landing page, test it and also integrate it so that t can be used in the user’s e mail list. The functionality and the ease of use of the Instapage are pretty impressive and along with that what has made it so popular over the years is its remarkable pricing structure.

Instapage offers a monthly contract with a pay of $29. But it does not offer a trial period that is provided to the users by Clickfunnel. But the most remarkable feature of the Instapage is its absolutely outstanding technical support.

The Instapage has got over more than 100 templates and so while creating those landing pages for your e mail list you are never ever going to run out of templates, designs and ideas.

If you want you can even add Java Script, HTML and CSS if you want to do certain modifications to your templates, you can do so. Instapage supports all this.

Another feature of the Instapage is that it has got an in built A/B Testing tool, which enables the landing page to get optimized, increase your performance and also helps you to increase the returns on whatever you spend on your ads.

There are very few marketing tools that support Word press but Instapage supports it whole heartedly. The Word press plugins can be used for creating your landing pages. The Instapage also integrates with a number of CMR tools as well as marketing providers so that you can create full-funnel sales for your business.

Wrapping Up:

Thus you can clearly see that both the Lead Page and the Instapage are two such marketing tools that can take the place of Clickfunnel if you do not want to be a customer of Clickfunnel for whatever reason it may be.

But, as we have already stated that Clickfunnel has got a lot of advantages over both Lead Page as well as Instapage.

So, it is up to as to which marketing tool you are going to choose whose services you are going to avail. But according to us, Clickfunnel should certainly be your first option, but if it fails due to some reason then you should go for Lead Page or Instapage.